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3 things I promised my husband this year.

It’s a new year, thank God for the past years, it can only be Him.

Yes, New Year is always welcomed with joy, happiness and high hopes. Coupled with all these is also new year resolutions, every year we all make resolutions, to do this or that, not to do this or that , to stop this or that bla bla bla bla.

Sometimes some of these New Year resolutions we struggle to keep till half of the year, some we don’t even keep at all, some we keep throughout the year. On the 31st night, I was with my husband lying on the bed, gisting about the past years, how far we have come, and how the coming year will be.
I sha told him to confess everything he did in the past year that is not good; he only asked me what I want to hear.

I told him what I want to happen to me this New Year, a beautiful, fair, hairy, cute baby girl to just fall on me, without me being pregnant or anything. If wishes were horses.

So back to my topic, 3 things I promised my husband this new year.

To stop having  mood swing; my mood can swing eeeeee, one single thought is enough to just give me mood swing, and the man will be wondering “what did I do or say to this woman now to have made her angry”. Even while making love, and I remember one thing he said or did that I do not like maybe last week or month, my mood will just change, and we have to stop, talk and then continue. I dey tire for myself sometimes. The worst part is that my mood does not swing from being angry to being happy, it is always swinging from  laughing to anger. Even my kids notices when my mood has changed and they will all disappear from me. Then this year I promised him to stop that, to actually stop remembering things that has passed and always enjoy the moment. Like he will always put it.

To stop arguing with him; nobody, (or let me say me) likes defeat. My husband too does not accept defeat, even when he knows I know that thing more than him, he will always want to use age and experience to win the argument. There is no day we don’t ask Google to help us settle our arguments. So this year I have promised him to stop arguing with him, even when he tells me that A is not for apple again, I will believe him. I have promised him to believe and trust him hook line and sinker. Though in so many of the arguments he has enough facts and points to buttress his argument, which I don’t have, but I won’t just allow him win the argument, haba now.
I promise to always allow him win all the arguments we will encounter this year. No sir cause problems but yes sir brings peace.

To love him more this year; not like I stopped loving him or that I will ever stop loving him, but this year I promised him not to do anything or say anything that will make him ask me 'baby you don't love me again". This year I promised him to express my love to him in any way I can and not just say I love you.

Yes I have made my New Year resolutions to my husband but not without a price tag, he has some conditions to meet to help me fulfill my promises. If my conditions are met, I will fulfill my promises, God being my helper.

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What are your New Year promises to your husband?

Do you think my New Year promises are possible?

Drop your comments in the comment box.

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