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Instruction/teachings I give my kids that I don’t follow or keep.
To always say thank you.
Not to talk while eating.
To eat on the dining Table not in front of the television set.
To always cover their mouths while yawning.

Life is turn by turn. Every day I teach my kids, I instruct them, I correct them, but somehow sometimes I don’t always abide by the teachings and instructions I give to them. They correct me  any time I fall short of my teachings.

Truly, teaching is very effective when it is being emulated.

One day my son asked me, mommy do you use to brush your teeth? He has probably not seen me brush my teeth. That day I showed him my toothbrush and my toothpaste, and then the next day I called him to come and see me brush my teeth.

To always say thank you when they receive something from someone; when they (my kids) gives me something or shares their snacks with me I always say thank you dear, but when my husband shares his snacks with me, I hardly say thank you, claiming it is my right. So one day my husband cut his orange for me, when I have finished mine, with all authority I licked the orange, my daughter allowed me finish the orange before she said “mommy you didn’t tell daddy thank you for sharing his orange with you. I’m sure you can guess my hubbys reply. Well, because it was my daughter that corrected me, I had to say the thank you, if it were to be hubby, that thank will be a bit difficult to come out.

Not to talk while eating; I’m sure every mother teaches her children this, and I’m also sure 90% of the mother teachers don’t keep this. I can be on the phone for minutes while eating. My children will finish their food before correcting me, so they too will make sure they do not break the rule while trying to correct me. If you know you don’t talk while eating say Hi. It is very difficult to even get them to keep this part of the house rule.

To always eat on the dining table not in front of the television set; the only time I get to sit down peacefully in my sitting room and watch television is when I’m eating, because my kids will be eating too. They will still ask, mommy why are you and daddy always eating in the parlor and not on the dining table.  It is my house and my food; I can afford to eat it anywhere I like.

Don’t always shout; Sometimes I wonder if these kids are deaf to normal talking and can only hear shouts. My son will just burst into cry anytime anyone shouts at him, which is the genesis of that rule in my house. I so much hate it when my kids shout or yell at each other, but it is only mommy that has the right to shout or yell in the house.

Always cover your mouth while yawning; sometimes unconsciously I yawn without covering my mouth, and my daughter, the chief Mrs. know all will come, awwwww mommy, that’s disgusting. I will just say sorry dear, I forgot.

I also use my mistakes to tell them that mommy isn’t perfect, she can makes mistakes and anyone can make a mistake, we only have to gently correct the person’s mistake.
Well, that one concern them, I’m somehow above the law.

It is my blog, it is me sharing my life, my opinions and views without minding who gets to read it.

Don't forget to drop the things you teach your kids to do that you do not do in the comment box.

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