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Donate car for kids.

How I donated my car to my kids

The fantasies of a young girl! As a young, single girl I dreamed and fantasized about getting married to a rich man, owning my own personal car, having kids and driving my kids around in my car. Driving my kids in my car to church, school, parties, swimming lesson, music lesson etc.

Yes, I got married, I have kids and I have a car but the problem is driving my kids around in my car. What a fantasy I had!

I didn’t know I will actually be donating my car to my kids. I never knew that my car will actually belong to my kids.

Every mother I know has donated her car to her kids. It is like the kids own the car. Sometimes I only enter my car when there is a place to drive my kids to like swimming lesson, music lesson, school, church, my car is all about my kids.

My car is always unkept, bread and biscuit crumbs everywhere, the seat is always wet, sometimes torn, and in fact I pity my car sometimes. Why is it so?  I have donated my car to my kids. I had to donate my car to my kids.

When I have plenty money I will buy myself a new car and fully donate the old one to my kids.

If only they can drive I will permanently donate the car to them.

My friend had also donated her first car to her kids, her first car is now meant for driving just her kids.

Before now, I only thought their daddy and I will share the car donation thing, but how wrong I am, I’m the only one that had to donate my car to my kids while daddy drives his car alone. That is why his car is still kept, neat, tidy and organized. No torn seats or bread crumbs anywhere. His car still smells very new and fresh.

Since I donated my car to my kids, the car went from bad to worse, from getting dirty to being dirt personified.

My kids eat, drink, play, sleep, pee, poop, in my car.

Where is charity? I need a free car to donate to kids.

My kids need to have their own car so I can have my own car back.

Better still, I think I need to make more money, buy a new car and then officially donate my first car to my kids like my friend that donated her first car to her kids.

And I would have to wait for my first child to get to at least 18 years, so they will start driving themselves and I will quit being their driver, still I’m going to be their driver for a very long time, not just being their driver but also driving them in my own car.

Like I run a charity organization, being a driver for my kids in my own car.

I need help, I need my car back.

Who else has a personal car but it is no longer personal?
Who else has donated her car to her kids?
I need my personal car back.

Directly or indirectly, my car now belongs to my kids, I do not have a car for now.
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