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Pregnancy myth busted…………

Myth is a general believe presumed to be true.

Once you get pregnant, you seem to become a recipient of all forms and types of pregnancy, childbirth and baby advice.

You will hear lots and lots of them; I heard my own fair share of these advices even from men.

Well, sometimes I don’t blame them, they may just be genuinely concerned about your welfare and that of your baby, while sometimes they may just want to do amebo or should I say “I too know”.

Myth 1; don’t drink anything cold to avoid late labor; with my first pregnancy I adhered to this advice, even when my mom told me it is rubbish, because I don’t want to have my baby one day after my expected date of delivery. I was taking all my drinks and water just a little bit cold. As God will have it, I had my baby one week before my expected date of delivery, so I believed this particular myth worked.
With my second pregnancy, I was craving ice blocks, not just cold water, if I must have any drink it must have ice chilled. Ok now, I had that my baby, ten days before my date of delivery, so my second pregnancy busted this pregnancy myth.
They believe that the cold drinks will make the baby very comfortable in the womb and would not want to come out, while the warm drinks gets the baby uncomfortable in the womb, and hence early and fast labor.

Myth 2; always bath warm/hot water; they said bathing warm/hot water will make your baby uncomfortable and the baby will be looking for way to escape, that is labor will come early. Well I may not be a good judge of this particular myth because I don’t bath cold water, I will rather go without a bath that to bath cold water.

Myth 3; if your tummy itches while pregnant, your baby will be hairy; I really don’t know what causes itchy tummy during pregnancy, but I heard it means your baby will be hairy. My tummy was always itchy during pregnancy especially in my third trimester; my kids (were) are not bald, so maybe this myth is true.

Myth 4; if you eat snail while pregnant, your baby will  drool.(dropping saliva uncontrollably from the mouth); there is nothing one will not hear, is snail not a very good source of protein and should be considered very nutritious for the baby and the mother, and it is also a good source of iron. But then what causes drooling in babies?

Myth 5; eating okra/ogbono soup also cause drooling; I’m sure every pregnant woman heard this. If I leave okra/ogbono soup, what will I eat? Well, even if the baby drools at birth, he/she will outgrow it.
Myth 6; eating pear(local pear to be precise) causes “nla”; don’t ask me the English name, I think it is also called “jedi-jedi. I was just licking my pear in the village one day with hubby and a relative walked in and started screaming, that nla will disturb my baby oooooo and all that. Hmmmm, hubby collected the pear from me, that was the end of my eating pear when hubby is around. I must not eat or drink anything that he hears will harm his baby.  My mother in law told me not to mind him; if at all nla disturbs the baby I should buy medicine and give him/her. The annoying part is that this his relative is a male, he may be a father 3 kids then, but he should leave me alone with my pear.

Some of these myths may be true; some may be just personal experiences.

What do you think about some pregnancy myth?

Which myths have you heard or know?

Do you think they are truth or just myth?

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