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In 2018 mind your business,,,,,,,

Asking for information that is not readily given to you or meant for your consumption is called not minding your business, otherwise known as akproko.

Giving unsolicited advice is called not minding your business.

Giving unsolicited correction over dressing is called not minding your business.

In 2018, make up your mind to mind your business.

If someone has not asked for your opinion over an issue, keep your advice to yourself,,,,,mind your business.
Yes why am I saying/writing this?

I went to church for normal Sunday service, after Sunday service nau, one woman in church we all call mommy, called me and said “Mrs. Iloka, it seems like you don’t want to look like a married woman? You don’t want to add weight a little and look like a mother of three? I don’t like your body stature. And you need to stop wearing small cloths, they make you look smaller,,,,,,,,,,,,hmmmm
I laughed and said haba mommy, I love this my body like this but I will try and add weight to look like a mother of three, thank you ma.

For my mind I was like “it is not your fault, I joined others to be calling you mummy, like I don’t know my mom. Over familiarity sha.

Maybe she was genuinely concerned but hey, my body and how I choose to dress is none of her business. Except if she is jobless, which I know she is not.

In 2018, mind your business.

Number 2; when my last baby was few months old, we went for immunization, the boy can cry for the world. He started one of his crying sessions and I was like, I will breastfeed him after his injection. One woman sitting close to me just said “you first time mothers that don’t want to expose your breast in the public, what are you hiding please breastfeed the baby joor”. I smiled and asked her how many kids she has, she said the 9 months old she is carrying is her second. That was when I now laughed, when she asked why, I simply said he is my third child. 

In 2018, madam, mind your business.

When you see a woman with same sex of children, maybe all boys or all girls, don’t say; “madam I hope the next baby will be a boy or a girl as the case maybe “it is not your business, mind your business.
When you see a single lady, don’t ask her what she is still waiting for to settle down, you are not her mother. Mind your business?

In 2018 mind your business.

Number 3; a friend has been running away from her office because of questions like, ‘madam, bomboy is grown nau, what are you waiting for to give us number two? How on earth is her family anyone’s business? What if she has decided to have just one child? Are they going to babysit for her, or pay the child’s school fees? What is their business in someone’s business? This woman has been doing everything possible to have baby number two, but there has been some delay, and some people won’t just mind their business.

When you see someone, with a lifestyle you think it is not “normal” close your eyes and go, mind your business.

The last straw that broke the camel’s back is this one; I went to see a friend one Saturday afternoon, and her neighbor, a man and his girlfriend started fighting, and another neighbor went over to act as peacemaker, he received the beating of his life that day. The man and the girlfriend now faced the man and beat him well with verbal abuses. I’m not saying one should not interfere when you see another person’s life in danger, but then be careful. The both parties fighting knows when and if to run for their lives. I’m sure that (the neighbor) man learned how to mind his business the hard way.

In 2018 mind your business.

Some people don’t genuinely care; while some do, they just want you to tell them what they will tell another friend, or what they will share as gist in the office.

In 2018 mind your business.

Especially married women and mothers, please in 2018, mind your business.

You may choose to mind your business or to continue poke-nosing in matters that do not concern you, on issues you do not have any business, until  you receive beating like my friends neighbor. 



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