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NOW THAT I AM MARRIED..................

Now that you are married!

Marriage marriage marriage!

Marriage is just a fancy word for adopting a grown male child who cannot take care of himself.

I love seeing beautiful wedding pictures, pre-wedding pictures, it makes me want to re-wed. At least I will have a good android phone to capture the entire event, ten years ago android phones were just for the very rich, and that is if they were there then.

Everyone both male and female desires to be married, which is a good desire, God knows life will be very difficult for just one person to handle, so he created marriage to help human race find help, companionship and true love.

Now that you are married, you did not win a lottery, neither did you win a jackpot, you only changed your title, your surname and your house address.

Now that you are married you just adopted a grown male child, and you took an oath to mother him for the rest of your life.

No matter the years of courtship/dating, the difference between marriage and dating is like infinity.

All your wedding guests has come and gone the wedding party has come and gone and now the marriage life proper.

The number one problem we have in marriages today is over sabi, we too know, I know my right, he knows his right. Marriage is being adulterated with human knowledge and ideologies.

Sometimes I wonder if it is the same marriage we are into that our parents had or is our won different from theirs. My parents ha a good marriage and I mus have one too.

Now that you are married;

You are a glorified house help;  yes you a house help with a title. Except  you or your husband can afford the services of a  paid house help,( I'm not talking about the little girls we pick from the village,) marriage makes you a glorified house help. House help with a title “Mrs”
From cooking, washing, cleaning, running errands for your husband, name them they are your (my) wifely job. Anybody telling you (me) otherwise is your (my) enemy. It is the job of a woman to keep a home, a man can only decide to help if he so wish. Your house help job may be defined or limited if you don’t have kids yet, but when kids arrive, your house help jobs will get undefined and unlimited.

You are still a work in progress; because you are married does not mean you have better qualities or what they call wife material, you are still a work in progress. There are so many things I learned in my husband’s house, either from him, his mom, my co-wife or my friends. Don’t think you possess all the wife material qualities or that you are perfect, that is why you are married. Nope, you may just be lucky.

You a prayer warrior; if you don’t know how to pray before marriage, now that you are married, please go and learn, you are so gonna need it.

You are a manager; it is said that if a man does not want his money/salary to get finished, he should hand it over to his wife, but if he keeps the money himself, the wife will be asking him for money until she is sure everything is finished. If you can buy a designer handbag  as a single lady, you can only do that when you have settled your kids’ needs, it depends on ones income though.

You are a prostitute; yes you read right, marriage makes a woman a prostitute without pay. Even if you don’t want sex because you are not in the mood, the bible commands that you don’t deny your husband sex as you don’t have right over your body. A prostitute gets paid after every sex session and does it just for the money, but a wife gets paid with her husband’s love or a missed period (pregnancy, and consequently a baby). Anyways, a good husband should know where and how to touch his wife or what to tell her and she will automatically be in the mood and beg for sex.

You took a risk; life is a risk and so is marriage. Nobody knows tomorrow, so in marriage you need to give room for changes and adjustment. Pregnancy may not come early, finances may not be steady, your partner may lose his job, your partner may add weight, your partner may cheat, and your partner may develop a terminal sickness, your partner may become very rich, your partner may get very beautiful/handsome and you may get jealous, just give room for any adjustment, be it negative or positive adjustment. We pray for positive ones.

You have declared a war; in marriage you are in constant war against anti marriage vices, adultery, laziness, prayerlessness, stinginess, un-forgiveness, stubbornness, friends/family influence etc. You have to make a conscious decision to fight and not to condone any kind of anti marriage vices.

Every happy couple/marriage you see today has had their/its own fair share or ups and downs, passed through thick and thin, but they pulled through because they decided and or made a conscious effort to stay together and help each other battle life, true love will always pull through.

I will fight for my marriage, I won’t be careless about it, it is all I have got.

 NB; It is me Faith Iloka (Mrs), sharing my personal opinion, it is my blog, my view, my opinion.

Feel very free to drop your views, opinions and questions in the comment box. 



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