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Domestic violence in the home.

When we hear domestic violence, our minds just go to beating, fighting etc. recently I have come to realize that domestic violence can come in different forms, some we may not see them as domestic violence, some we just manage to live with them.

Let’s read, learn and have fun.

Beating; this is the type of domestic violence where a husband beats his wife, flogs his wife, maltreats his wife, intimidates his wife, makes the house very hot for his wife. This kind of domestic violence may lead to death of the woman. My take on this type of domestic violence is to run for her dear life first, life and safety first before marriage. So many women have lost their lives trying to manage and live with this type of domestic violence. Don’t hide a violent man, don’t make excuses for him, your life is at risk, let his family and if possible your own family know what is going on. Life is precious and it is only one, guard yours jealously.

Verbal abuse; this is the type of domestic violence where a man verbally abuses his wife, call her names, insults her and makes her inferior by what he tells her. This kind of domestic violence can come from either the man or the woman. I have even realized that men nag more than women. Men only hide under the umbrella of women talking too much to cal women nags.  

When a man calls his wife stupid and foolish, let him not complain when the woman starts behaving stupid and foolish.  
My take on this type of domestic violence is to grow deaf ears to anything the husband says, just have water in your mouth and do not swallow it till he is done talking so you don’t have to reply to anything he says, the basic thing is ‘do not reply him at all”.

Financial violence; this type of domestic abuse is when a man ignores his responsibility as a man and pushes it to the wife to be handling. Some men are just too lazy to do anything, some are just stingy, and some are just irresponsible, while some are giving their side chicks outside and ignoring their homes. This kind of domestic violence affects everyone in the home, both the children as their well-being may be affected.  My take on this kind of domestic violence is……………….this is a hard one.

Sex starvation; this kind of domestic violence is when a man denies his wife sex, this kind of domestic violence can come either from the husband or the wife. It is known that women starve their husbands of sex more, well a man can always get sex from anywhere if he wants,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, my take on this kind of domestic violence is to ask him for sex when you want it, in fact seduce him. Every woman knows how best to seduce her man.

Food violence; this kind of violence is when a wife does not know how to cook. Men and children are usually the victims in this kind of domestic violence. That is why both men and women should know how to cook, should a man marry a woman that does not know how to cook, he will cook for himself, should a woman use cooking to punish a man, the man will cook for himself.  This kind of domestic violence is capable of destroying a home, men I know don’t joke with their stomachs. My take on this kind of domestic violence is to employ a cook if can afford one, if you cannot, go and learn how to cook, use cookery books, worst case scenario, eat out.

These types of domestic violence are very real and exists in homes, sometimes they are undiscovered or just ignored, sometimes we are managing them, hoping for it to get better with time.

What other type(s) of domestic violence have you noticed in home? Use the comment box and tell me more.


Till I beep you again,,,,,,stay happy always.
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