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Marriage is to be enjoyed, come on board and enjoy.

My love charm.

There are different types of love charms, it depends on the one you want to use and the one your husband will fall for.

It took me years to discover the one to use and the one my husband will fall for.

Some women use sex, some food, some money, some use real jazz  while some use nothing.

I want to share my love charm and how it works for me.

Men love respect; they actually demand for it, every human as a matter of fact loves respect.

Sometimes we want people to earn the respect they demand for.

So one day, my husband told me to do something and I blatantly said no, he got very angry and said that I don’t have respect for him, that I see myself equal to him. I agree, I don’t have respect, but it was not convenient for me to do what he wanted me to do at that time.

Another day, he said I should help him do something again, and that thing I have no intentions of doing it, and still I don’t want to tell him no, to avoid quarrels, so I agreed to do it just not to get him angry again, and he said, “now you have respect for me”. Somehow, he was the one that ended up doing that thing himself, but if I had said no at the time he asked me to help him do that thing I would have caused another quarrel.

So now my love charm is saying OKAY, I say yes to anything he asks me to do it, some I end up doing, and some I don’t do. The most important thing to me at the time was that we don’t have to quarrel over simple things, and he felt respected.

Anytime I say OKAY to what he wants, he says OKAY to what I want too, my simple love charm at work., and it is a win-win.

Him; baby please help me clean my shoes.
Me; okay.
Me; sweet please my friend brought in new shoes for sale
Him; okay, how much
Case closed, my simple love charm worked.

In as much I say OKAY to his requests, he knows what to ask me to do and what not to ask me.

My love charm number 2 is saying YOU ARE RIGHT. 

Even when my husband tells me that he knows how to cook more than me, even when we both know he can’t boil water, I agree and tell him YOU ARE RIGHT. No quarrels, no arguments, he felt respected and I lose nothing. I always allow him any and every argument.

Since I started using this my simple love charm of saying “OKAY and YOU ARE RIGHT”, we have less quarrels and arguments. It does not make me less his wife, neither does it remove one hair strand from my body, but the truth is that at the end of the day we had peace, my simple love charm works.


 Till I come your way again…stay happy always.

What is your love charm?  Share your love charm with me in the comment box. I need more love charms.

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