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In this month of love and valentine

February is a month of love, valentine month, when gifts exchange hands; lovers express their love for their partners. Hmmmm, I can feel love in the air.

This month of love and valentine, I figured out a way to help the men folk, express their love for their partners, without spending much. They should not say the economy is hard and then forget to show love to their wives.

This post is not just for the men, but for everyone in love.

Affection; this month of love and valentine, show lots and lots to your partner, hold your wife’s hand, stroke her hair, massage her body, hug her a lot, in fact serve her breakfast in bed. Show affection to your wife this valentine.

Appreciation; in this month of love and valentine, appreciate your wife, even for the simplest deed, as simple as giving you a cup of water, say thank you. It is said that when you appreciate someone for a small deed, he/she will do a bigger one. Appreciate your wife for a cup of water, and see her cook a pot of your favorite meal for you. Tell your wife how pretty she is; even though she knows she is pretty, she needs you to say it. For every effort your wife makes to keep the home, together, cook meals and care for the ids, appreciate her.

Give her money; no matter how you want to look at it, it is somehow impossible to separate love and money, they complement each other. How can a man truly show love to his wife without at least spending little money on her, that will convince the woman of her mans love. Don’t be stingy to your wife; stinginess is not a sign of love. Which woman loves a stingy man?

Give her gifts; a story was told of a man that buys something for his wife everyday on his way back from work, one day he was not having money on him and has exhausted all the ideas of non expensive things to buy for his wife, he bought her a worm expeller. Funny indeed, but he came back with something in his hand. He didn’t come back to his wife empty handed. This month of love and valentine, buy your wife a good gift to show her you love her. It must not expensive, even if it is pure bliss biscuit. 

For everyday of this month of love and valentine, buy your wife a gift, biscuit, sweet, chewing gum , groundnut, orange, anything at all.

Attention; in this era of social media, it is hard for couples to pay attention to their partners with their phones in their hands, in this month of love and valentine, pay attention to your wife. Listen to your wife, some things she may not say, but if you pay attention you will hear her inner voice. Pay attention to her physical needs, spiritual needs, financial needs, emotional needs, and most importantly her sexual needs. In this month of love and valentine, pay attention to your wife’s body language.

Make love to her; in fact from the first day of this month of love and valentine, make love to your wife on daily basis. A friend said; have all the sex you can on earth here, there is no sex in heaven, yes, there is no sex in heaven. Make love to your wife the way she wants it, not the way you want it. It is very important. I'm going to make love everyday of this month, there is no sex in heaven.

NB; it is my blog, it is me sharing my personal thoughts and views, feel free to share your thoughts and views with me in the comment box.

 Do have a fun filled valentine, and the love of this month will remain in our lives.

Do you know more ways of showing love to women? Tell me in the comment box to tell my husband please, I need love.

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