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Habits motherhood changed in me.

Motherhood literally means abandoning oneself to make another person happy.

Motherhood has the ability to change certain things about someone, unconsciously or maybe consciously, motherhood transformed me.

Some things I love doing I saw myself not doing them again, while some things I don’t like doing are now my hobby.

Time and chance happens to everything.

1. Traveling; my days as a student I never liked traveling be it by air, road, water, disappearing etc. anything that will make me leave my space and stay in someone else's place or leave my place of comfort to another place was never my thing.  But Then motherhood stepped in. Now, I’m looking for where to go, I’m looking for the simplest reason to leave my house to another place. Just one day of sleeping till 9am, just one day of crossing my legs chatting and eating from morning till night. Motherhood made traveling my hobby now. I remember then, my husband was begging me to visit him in Abuja that time, I refused and I never did, for me to start traveling from school then to Abuja was a no-no. It was now that I visited some other states in Nigeria, before now, I think I have been to 2 or 3 states. I never liked traveling. The only place I loved traveling to then as an undergraduate was going home during break.

2. Reading; I loved reading, may be not my course books or notes, anything readable, those days of hints, mills and booms, magazines etc, I can read up to 10 in a day. Right now, I can hardly read two pages of a book or even a magazine. Maybe I have grown lazy or maybe I feel old now. The truth is that anytime I open a book to read, my children will come with one complain or the other, or it will be time to cook, or do something, I got discouraged.

3.  Going out; I was an indoor person, I can lie on my bed and read anything I can find, I don’t like siesta, so I hardly observe siesta too, so I can only read when I don’t have a companion to chat with. Motherhood has changed that about me. Just tell me there is an outing somewhere, I will be at the venue before you. My friend then told me that I’m just too boring, how can somebody not just go out, but will choose to remain indoors. Now, I’m looking for where to go, a party to attend, anything to make me go out. Some days I will just dress my children, we will enter the car driving around town looking for where to go. Motherhood made me realize the fun in going out, that I missed those days.

4. Watching television; after cooking my next hobby is watching television, motherhood changed that hobby for me. Since my children will not let me watch television in peace, I gave it up. Someone cannot sit down for good 10 minutes to see a programme without getting up to attend to the children or settling one argument or the other, I gave up.

5. Laziness; I can be lazy eeeee. The only thing I want to do is to lie down and read, then watch television and sleep. I also feel lazy to eat. Hmmmm, where is the laziness now? I just have to get on my feet and do my mom job. With motherhood, there is no room for laziness. With motherhood you don’t have a choice but to get up on your feet and face your responsibilities. If I am still lazy and don’t take care of them, (my children) who will?

Being a mother is a full time job. One woman said no matter how rich her husband is, she can never be a full time house wife. 

Me; does anybody pay you extra for being a working mom? You will go to your office and still come back and do your mom job at home. 

What has motherhood changed about you?positively or negatively, share with me in the comment box.

Till I come your way again............stay happy always.

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